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We have lived in California, Fiji, Hawaii, Oregon and now North Carolina.
We have visited many parts of Canada and Mexico and have traveled across the pond to Britton, Scotland and Ireland.
Across the Pacific we have visited the East Coast of Australia and the Indonesian provinces of Biak and Bali and well as all the Southern Hawaiian Islands that you are allowed to visit.

I have been living a ketogenic way of eating for 4 years, come September 2017.
I’m not perfect, by any means, but eating keto has changed my life. I lost 45 pounds while going through menopause and dealing with auto immune thyroid disease. I have both Graves and Hashimotos antibodies.

Keto Magic is real! All of my health markers are now ideal. No more high blood pressure medicine, no more statins, no more inflammation causing joint pain. No more poor sleep and waking up feeling tired. I was not diabetic at the time I started my keto journey, but I’m pretty sure I was pre-diabetic and well on my way to the dreaded diabetic pool.

Did you know that Alzheimer is being called diabetes 3? Look around you, you will see people everywhere, all over the world, suffering from the modern diet and food pyramid that was thrust upon us without adequate research and facts. We have been lied to and our health and the health of our loved ones, is suffering.

My goal is to spread the word about why eating a ketogenic diet is a healthy way of eating. I want my family to know the benefits of good health. I no longer feed my grandchildren the same poisons that I grew up eating.  Food can be the best medicine available and it’s so much easier to eat healthy low carb, high fat foods, then to suffer from all the illnesses associated with the Standard American Diet. Can’t give up bread? Can you give up an arm or a leg? Because that is your future if you continue to eat a diet that leads to diabetes.

I challenge anyone to try eating a nutritional ketosis - keto diet for two weeks and see for yourself, the great health benefits!