Keto is short for a ketogenic way of eating. There are therapeutic ketogenic diets that can be beneficial for the treatment of epilepsy, cancer, and other ailments, but the purpose and focus of this site is Nutrional Ketosis. Keto is a  way of eating.
So you want to start low carb/LCHF

If you are like most of my readers, you are here because you want to start low carb and sugar free lifestyle. You have come to the right place! Watch my 1 minute video at the end of this page, and get ready!

There has never been a better time for you to start low carb than today. Ditch The Carbs is about teaching you, inspiring you and supporting you.
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For all following this diet or any other variation of LCHF (low carb high fat) diets.
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Activate Apparel was created with one thing in mind: why shouldn't a bit of laziness be celebrated as much as a hard workout? We want to provide motivation to not only tackle that last half mile, but to also spend as much of weekend on the couch as possible. Trust us, it's harder than it looks.
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Let's swap ketogenic / Very low carb instant pot recipes!

All posts should relate to BOTH Keto/VLC AND the Instant Pot.
Fat Emperor in LC USA Keto Getaway Florida - Insulin Vs Cholesterol - and CAC!
Ivor Cummins:
Ivor Cummins applies his engineering expertise to provide a unique perspective on insulin resistance and the root causes of chronic disease.

Ivor originally completed a Chemical Engineering degree in 1990 (Biochemical Stream, BE(Chem) CEng MIEI), followed by over 25 years in corporate technical leadership
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